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Where do you take the money?

It's very simple - online shops pay web site owners who bring customers to their stores. If you saw an advertisement of an online store, clicked on the link and bought the product / service - the website that posted this advertisement will receive a percentage of the purchase amount or a fixed amount for successfully attracting a new buyer. CashBackQuest simply returns most of this money back to the buyers.

The only important condition for the work of this scheme - the buyer should go to the online store not by a direct link, but by an affiliate link, which is posted on the cashback-site.


Cashback terminology

Cashback - means a refund. This is a system of refunding the buyer with part of money that he spent on the purchase. For ease of understanding, you can compare "cashback" with "tax-free", which is returned for purchases abroad.

Hold (or processing time) - shows how much time it takes for the advertiser to either uniquely confirm or cancel the transaction. In fact, this is the time for which we will receive confirmation of your purchase from the online store and will be able to charge cashback.


How does cashback website works?

Cashback-site concludes with the stores partner agreements, according to which the store pays the site a certain percentage of the purchase for attracting a new buyer. Cashback-site returns some of these money directly to the buyer. The system of money return is carried out in three stages:

  1. You buy on the website of an online store, the same way you do this usually.
  2. Seller pays commission to CashBackQuest account.
  3. MyCashBack returns part of product price to the buyer

Answers to frequent questions of our users

General questions

Instructions on how to register, confirm the email and enter your personal account

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CashBack payouts

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You get the amount in points in hryvnia equivalent at the rate of the NBU at the time of our partner's cashback amount credited to our account. For example, you made an order on the partner's website for $ 100 with a 4% cashback size (ie your personal cashback = $ 4). At the moment of enrollment of the partner payment to our account, the NBU rate was 25.36 UAH for 1 dollar, accordingly you will receive 1014.40 points for your personal cashback account.

Points are calculated in two stages:

1 - once we receive confirmation from our partner about your paid order and its amount - we create a "temporary transaction" with the appropriate amount of cashback points. At this stage, this is a "planned payment", because you can cancel the order or return the goods within 14 days after receipt.

2 - After the expiration of the holding time (or the processing time of the order), our partners must confirm or cancel your payment. When confirmed, the "temporary transaction" goes into the "confirmed" status and points are credited to your personal account.